Marketing Contacts Database

Your marketing contacts database is a tool that you can use to improve the results of future campaigns. Whether you are sending out emails, running display ads, promoting something via social media or all of the above, utilizing data and targeting are key to a successful campaign. You cannot randomly send someone an ad and think that you will get a conversion. Over the years, whether it’s been through sales, promotions or contests, you have built up your own list and you rely on that list to get traffic to your site. However, what do you actually know about the people who are on that list? What is their average age, where are they from, what are their interests, their level of income and so forth?

Marketing Database Providers

b2b marketing database providers

As leading marketing database providers, our goal is to make sure that you are aware of the best ways to utilize your own data as well as our own. With over 300 million permission-based email addresses, we can reach a highly-targeted audience on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and thousands of sites, along with sending them email campaigns. By combining these efforts, you are able to send content to the consumer multiple times, on multiple platforms. This strategy builds up brand awareness and is a tactic used by all the top companies in the world.

B2B Marketing Database

Virtual DBS shows you the value of using your marketing contacts database through email, social media and more. If you are looking to build your B2B marketing database, we can show you cost-effective ways to not only reach the right audience but reach them multiple times and encourage them to engage your content. Whether it’s analyzing your data, building your campaign or something else, our team is equipped and experienced to provide you with everything you need. Contact us today and receive a free consultation that will help you to build your strategy and get better results for your future campaigns.