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Targeted Ad Display Makes Online Digital Advertising Simple and Affordable

Unique Data-Driven Platform Automates Entire Process

North Kingstown, RI – June 12, 2015 – Virtual DBS, Inc. announced the launch of Targeted Ad Display, an effective turn-key platform that takes the high cost and complexity out of online digital advertising.  Targeted Ad Display is the first digital ad provider to offer a hands-free solution for advertisers that includes every digital marketing best practice: quality prospect data, customer analytics, ad creation, campaign deployment and optimization, and post-campaign debriefing.  In addition, the entry price point is the lowest in the digital advertising marketplace.

Targeted Ad Display allows advertisers to show their ads to two highly responsive groups—first, existing customers or prospects, and second, new prospects who most closely resemble their customers, whether they are consumers or business executives. In advertising to existing customers or prospects, Targeted Ad Display uses their street address and/or email to match them to a cookie or IP address which identifies them when they’re online.  Ads are then shown specifically to those consumers or business executives.  In advertising to new prospects, Targeted Ad Display statistically analyzes an offline customer file to create a predictive model that identifies the customers’ most important demographic characteristics.  The model then generates a score that identifies new prospects who most closely resemble them. Ads are displayed to those look-alike prospects.

The pilot program also includes creative services for clients who do not already have display ads.  Additionally, Targeted Ad Display works with the world’s largest online inventory partners to provide massive reach in finding ideal prospects on the internet properties they visit.  Real-time campaign analysis continually measures campaign performance to ensure ads are running on sites where they are most effective.  Post-campaign, a client debrief reviews campaign components including creatives, offers and customer segments to identify the optimal performers, creating an effective go-forward plan.

Targeted Ad Display is a hands-off platform for advertisers, meaning that all steps in the process are handled automatically.  Advertisers simply need to supply a customer or prospect file, or identify a market they’d like to target.  Targeted Ad Display does the rest – customer analysis, creative, campaign deployment and optimization.

Virtual DBS CEO, Brad Mitchell, said “We knew there was a need in the digital marketplace for a service that incorporates all digital advertising best practices, but without the complexity and high costs previously involved in launching a digital campaign.  There are countless companies for whom digital advertising could be a valuable marketing channel, but who have never launched a campaign due to the historically daunting legwork and costs involved.  Because of its simplicity and affordability, we believe that Targeted Ad Display will be a significant driver in our clients’ online growth, achieving measurable ROI.”

Pilot programs start at $3,000 including data, customer analysis, creative, campaign deployment and debriefing.  To learn more, visit www.targetedaddisplay.com.

About Virtual DBS, Inc.
Virtual DBS, Inc. offers database marketing services that empower corporate decision makers to gain strategic, data-driven business insights to grow their business. Virtual DBS provides best-in-class tools and services including on-demand database technology, predictive analytics and data, both locally and in the cloud.

Online Display Advertising

Every business can benefit from online display advertising. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations. For example, are you trying to introduce your brand to an audience, get them to sign up for something or make a sale? The more demanding you are in your expectations, the harder the goals will be to reach. Branding your company is an important part of the marketing and one that many companies overlook. The reason is because it doesn’t produce the fastest results as far as sales. However, studies have shown that marketing campaigns do better if the company put a real effort into branding initially.

Online display advertising isn’t just about generating sales, it’s about introducing your company to the right consumer. This is essential to future marketing campaigns because consumers are more likely to buy from a brand, they are familiar with, even if the product or service is a little more expensive. We can also utilize our data to reach your ideal audience on multiple platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, popular apps and send out email campaigns as well. This is a rare opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of and it’s something we can offer you that’s cost-effective and generates fast traffic.

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