The First Step to a Clean Customer Database

by John Dodd on June 13, 2017

Start with CASS

CASS—Coding Accuracy Support System—is software that cleans and standardizes U.S. postal addresses, allowing marketers to save money by maintaining a fully deliverable database and to get their mail delivered faster. Not only does CASS clean and correct an address but it also gives the option of breaking an address into its components—street numbers, postal routes, ZIP codes and others. Many CASS software packages also allow mailers to run Delivery Point Validation (DPV) on each address to determine whether it is a deliverable postal address. By combining these two checks on a mailing list, mailers can be assured that each address meets the highest quality standards.

There are three main reasons to run a mailing list through CASS:

  1. To cleanse customer data, maintaining an accurate customer file
  2. To qualify for postal discounts from the USPS
  3. To increase match rates between internal data sets and third party data sets

Customer Database Hygiene

When it comes to customer data, it’s critical to store clean and accurate information. Anyone who has seen the results from a form on a website knows that self-reported customer data is often riddled with errors and misspellings.  Running this data through CASS will make it easier to contact customers as well as making it much less burdensome to link databases from multiple systems.

Postal Discounts

Once a database is cleaned through the CASS process, there is potential for mail discounts from the US Postal Service.  The CASS process organizes the mail by location, leading to rate reductions—especially when there are concentrations of addresses in certain ZIP codes or Carrier Routes.  If CASS and DPV are run regularly it will maintain the integrity of the addresses and keep any postal discounts active.

Matching Internal Databases with External Databases

One problem that many companies encounter is the need to combine several databases.  Often the accounting database, customer database and prospect lists are in different formats and are designed with different field layouts.   When linking databases from different sources, the goal is always to match all the records that are essentially the same—even though they appear slightly different.

Utilizing CASS ensures all address data is in a standardized format, enabling you to maximize match rates.  Now, redundant and wasteful marketing spending is reduced resulting in a winning strategy for saving money and time.

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