Display Banner Advertising

Display banner advertising makes it easier than ever to reach consumers on multiple sites, without having to pay expensive rates and the tracking is outstanding. Imagine posting an ad in a newspaper that has 100,000 people they send issues out to. You know that 100,000 will not read the paper that day and you also know that the number will be less when it comes to people who actually read the section of the paper your ad is in. The number is even smaller when you count how many people actually see your ad and then finally how many responded to it.

Brand Display Advertising

brand display advertising

The most frustrating part of that is that you do not know any of these results because there is no tracking. You don’t know who read the ad or anything about them. When you utilize brand display advertising you know who you were targeting, how many times they saw the ad on their screen, how many times they clicked on it and you can also retarget the people who clicked on the ad, making sure that it follows them around on sites they visit over the next several months. This is the advantage of utilizing this marketing option and how it can generate more interest for your business.

Email Database

Virtual DBS combines social media, display banner advertising and our very own email database to help you reach consumers on multiple platforms. Each service is affordable, proven and also comes with high-quality data and tracking, ensuring that you know what the results were, what to expect moving forward and how to improve your strategy. Our goal is to not sell you on a single service but to find the best service that works for you based on your industry, your competition and more. If you are ready to learn more and develop a solid game plan, contact us today and get a free consultation.