Direct Email Marketing Services

Direct Email Marketing Services

How can direct email marketing services improve your efforts? Imagine selecting an audience on social media to show an ad to. You are selecting your audience based on location, age, gender and interests. You are well positioned on Google so that if they do research you or go to a search engine to find someone who offers your services, you are easy to find. You’re also running display ads on thousands of websites which ensures that your ad will be seen again and again. But what if you could also send an email directly to that consumer?

Business To Business Email Marketing

Think about it, they’ve seen you on Google, they’ve seen you on several websites that they’ve visited, and they also see you on social media. You are everywhere but they are only seeing your ads. What about contacting them directly? Actually, sending them content, introducing your brand and promotion to them on their phone, computer or tablet where they have to respond, even if it’s to delete your message means that you made a real impression. Business to business email marketing is the most cost-effective way to introduce your brand to a new recipient and make sure that your message is not only received, but that they actually see it.

Marketing Data Analytics Companies

Virtual DBS combines the best of marketing data analytics companies, direct email marketing services, SEO, display advertising and more to help you reach a highly-targeted audience and stay within your budget. The most valuable entity in internet advertising is data and with over 280 million permission-based consumer emails, we are here to ensure that you reach the right audience and see fast and affordable traffic. We invite you to contact us for more information as well as a free consultation so that you can learn more about these options and how they can benefit your brand in the long and short-term.