Buy Business Email Lists

If you are looking to buy business email lists, you should avoid it. The problem with purchasing this data is that it may not be as accurate as you hoped, and most platforms will not support data that was not acquired through proper channels where the person opted in. Even if you can get the campaign to go out, your results will be less than satisfactory. This is why using list companies who maintain their own data and send out the campaigns for you is the way to go. This ensures a higher delivery rate, especially to the inbox, and minimizes any spam issues.

Buy Email Addresses For Marketing

When you try to buy email addresses for marketing, you will find that the quality of the data isn’t up to your standards and that the recipients are not as enthusiastic to respond. The problem is you are cold-emailing with unproven data. On the other hand, if you were to send out multiple campaigns to a higher-quality list, you will see a good response rate on the first campaign followed by better and better results with the following sends. The reason is because the recipient is becoming more and more familiar with your brand and are more likely to open your message. Furthermore, you can incorporate our data with other campaigns for banner advertising and social media.

Buy Opt In Email List

Buy Business Email Lists

Virtual DBS is happy to show you the reasons not to buy opt in email list and rather utilize high-quality data to reach the right audience. Rather than trying to buy business email lists that may or may not work, we can show you how to reach the same audience via social media sites like Linked, Facebook and others, through banner ads all around the web and finally, send them a direct email message. This is the best and most cost-effective way to get your brand in front of the right audience. Contact us today for more information.