Purchase Email Addresses

It can be very tempting to purchase email addresses. The problem is that there are several reasons why that’s not a good idea. For starters, you are not sure if the quality is good and if you will actually see your content reach the people you are sending it too. You also will see rejections from platforms that send out your content because they know that the database was not built organically. You will also not be sure if the information is accurate as far as who you are targeting. These are the problems that come up when you try to buy email address list and why you need to go a different route.

Buy Email Address

buy email address

Rather than trying to buy email address lists, have you considered using a company that does everything for you? For example, a marketing firm like Virtual DBS not only has over 300 million permission-based addresses, but they also maintain the data, ensure that it is delivered to the inbox of the recipient and also that you will send out high-quality content that meets the guidelines of most platforms to get the best response rate. Along with this, our experts will work with you to determine best possible deployment time, how to improve your efforts and more.

Company Email Address List

Virtual DBS has a vast company email address list that includes selects like age, gender, location, personal interests, income, job title, marital status, political affiliation and more. This information is important because it improves your chances of getting a response from your campaign. We can show you how to also incorporate our data with other marketing services like social media and display advertising. These are all used to help increase brand awareness and traffic and are cost-effective options that small and large businesses can use. Contact our team for a free consultation and to learn more about what we can do for your business.