How Does Display Advertising Work

types of digital display ads

How does display advertising work? For many businesses, the concept is new, and they are not sure how to properly utilize it. The process is very straight forward, ads are created in multiple sizes that show your brand and promotion. An audience is then selected based on the company’s average consumer including age, location, interests, gender and more. These ads are then sent to thousands of websites where they are displayed directly to your targeted audience. The goal is to introduce your brand to this audience again and again, eventually encouraging the viewer to click on the ad and check out your company.

How To Create A Digital Ad

When you are trying to learn how to create a digital ad, the goal is to make sure that it stands out, is very straight forward but the viewer gets two pieces of information from seeing it, the company name and promotion. If you are trying to be too flashy, too creative or going against the norm you are not going to get quality results. Spending extra time on this part of the project ensures that you raise more awareness of your brand and that your content stands out amongst the other images, videos and content that’s on the web page.

Types Of Digital Display Ads

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