What separates Virtual DBS from other digital banner advertising companies is our experience, level of service, but also the resources and options we can add to this feature to make it more effective. For example, many of the companies that specialize in this area of marketing do not offer SEO. We believe that SEO is crucial in the success of any banner campaign as Google is likely the first place consumers will go to learn about the company whose ads they’ve just seen. This is a great example of how to utilize several services together to benefit your efforts.

Email Database

An email database is also a great way to reach consumers and you can target the audience based on hundreds of selects including personal interests, age, location, marital status, political affiliation, job, income and more. You can combine this data along with ads and social media to connect with the audience on three platforms they use throughout the day. This not only builds brand recognition but increases the trust factor between you and the consumer, increasing the likelihood of them contacting you or even buying from you down the road. The most effective way to reach consumers is by utilizing a multi-channel marketing campaign that utilizes multiple platforms and sends the audience ads again and again.

Automotive Email Database

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Virtual DBS automotive email database is a great example of how you can utilize this information to reach thousands of consumers, multiple times, something that other digital banner advertising companies cannot offer. Imagine being able to send a consumer an email about an upcoming sale on cars. Then you are able to send them the same ad so that it appears on their Facebook page. Then you are able to run banners to them on multiple sites that they are visiting. That is the same idea as television and it costs a fraction of the price and generates better results.