Display Advertising Strategy

online display advertising

What is your current display advertising strategy? How often are you reaching an audience, are you utilizing retargeting, are you using video? There is so much about this form of marketing that people do not realize and the more you educate yourself on it, the more effective the tool will become for you. What we at Virtual DBS can do is create and run these ads on thousands of websites, improve targeting and also add retargeting to the campaign. Retargeting captures the information of a visitor and makes sure that your ads follow them around for the next several months, encouraging them to return to your site or page and engage with you.

There are three advantages that display advertising strategy can offer your company. The first is a cost-effective way to introduce your brand to millions of consumers. The second, an aggressive way to drive traffic directly to your site or landing page. Finally, it also provides you with an outlet to introduce a promotion or video rather than just a static image. Marketing is about establishing your presence online. The reason companies struggle with that is because they do not know how to separate themselves from the competition. Solid graphics, a creative video and a good promotion are key to a successful campaign.

So, what makes our display advertising strategy different? Our data is the key to our success. Rather than selecting a random audience and hope that someone takes an interest in the content, we can target the exact audience you need to reach, and we can market to them on multiple platforms including display, social media, email and more. Even better, because you can target a better audience, you’re getting more bang for your buck. Rather than spending thousands of dollars reaching consumers who would not be interested in your product or service, you know that the people who view your content meet the criteria of your most desirable customer.

Display Advertising Marketing

Utilizing display advertising marketing the right way not only makes your campaigns more effective, but it also makes them more cost-effective. For example, if you are running ads in the newspaper you have no way of knowing how many people received the paper that day, how many of them read it and how many of them even saw your ad. On the other hand, if you are utilizing banner ads you know exactly how many impressions and clicks you were able to get from the campaign. That data is essential to game planning your next campaign.

Online Display Advertising

Virtual DBS online display advertising will put your brand directly in front of thousands of local consumers and the targeting options are better than any other form of marketing. If you are looking into creating a new display advertising strategy, we can provide you the information you need based on how other businesses in your area are marketing, what they’ve seen as far as results and how to identify your audience and reach them on multiple platforms. If you are ready to get your free consultation and speak with an experienced team that can help you to develop a great strategy, give us a call today.