Local display advertising, social media, email marketing and other services are all great for reaching your audience on multiple platforms again and again. Multi-channel marketing has shifted over the years and is now available to small businesses with a tight budget. For pennies on the dollar of traditional marketing tactics like radio, television or print, you can reach a highly-targeted audience on multiple platforms, introducing them to your business and making them aware of your promotion. It’s one of the most effective forms of marketing and is something that small businesses can now utilize to compete with larger competitors.

One of the benefits of local display advertising is that you can target an audience that may already be familiar with your brand, either because they’ve driven by your store, seen your ads on Facebook or friends and family have mentioned you before. Familiarity is the most important thing for marketing and can make a major difference in the success of a campaign. For example, to expect someone to receive a single email and buy from you is asking a lot. However, if your plan is to send monthly email campaigns to that audience, broadcast banner and Facebook ads to them as well and then have a strong presence on Google, you have a much higher chance of seeing results.

As you look to learn what is digital display advertising, you will find the short and long-term advantages that this presents your business. However, if you still are not sure how does display advertising work, then we can assist you with getting a better understanding of how they can benefit you including case studies, sample reports and more. If you are utilizing any other marketing services, then this is a great feature to add and can help you drive in more traffic at a lower price.

What Is Digital Display Advertising

local display advertising

While that sounds great, you still may not be sure what is digital display advertising. When you see an ad on a web page you are visiting, that’s called a banner ad. That is put there by a company that is trying to target an audience based on their age, location, interests or even the type of sites they visit. For example, if it’s a site that focuses on Boston sports teams, then businesses looking to target males, between the ages of 18-55 in that region are going to market there. This is the kind of thinking that goes into the development and placement of the ads and how they can benefit your campaign.

Email Database

Virtual DBS combines social media, local display advertising, SEO and our own email database to offer you a multi-channel marketing platform that will aggressively reach a highly-targeted audience on multiple platforms. This is an affordable, proven and effective strategy that is used by businesses all around the county and it’s time for you to start using it as well. If you are trying to reach a local audience on multiple platforms, get better tracking and more results than traditional methods, give us a call and we will go over all of these options and how they can best work for you.