Customer Data Integration (CDI) from Virtual DBS utilizes state of the art technology coupled with best-in-class proprietary processes to create and maintain an accurate 360º view of your customers across multiple marketing channels, data silos and product lines.

The following services are standard with CDI

  • Cleansing customer data – using a combination of your business rules, best practices from the Virtual DBS database management team and compliancy rules from the U.S. Postal Service
  • Identifying matching customer records across all in-house databases
  • Householding records into common consumer households or business locations
  • Creating a unique and complete ‘master record’ for each customer
  • Appending missing or desired data elements to customer records

Data Enrichment

Our comprehensive nationwide consumer and business marketing databases offer hundreds of traditional demographic fields plus unique attributes like the VDBS Super Record—combining consumer demographic info and business info.

Demographic and psychographic data can be appended to your marketing databases to help you better understand your customers and prospects to optimize customer dialogue and maximize ROI from every marketing touch.

Real-Time Data Enrichment (FastMatch)

Our proprietary Real-Time Data Enrichment system called FastMatch instantly matches individual consumer or business records to the Virtual DBS marketing databases—B2B and B2C—to append data elements in an on-demand environment.  Highly effective for call center applications, FastMatch demographically identifies incoming callers, enabling call center agents to optimize each sales opportunity by offering relevant products or services during the call.

Data Hygiene

Virtual DBS is expert in all facets of data hygiene.  Each of these processes save money by reducing undeliverable records in a database.

  • CASS – clean and standardize U.S. postal addresses to save money and maintain a fully deliverable database
  • NCOA – identify change of address information to reduce undeliverable mail
  • Zip+4 coding -add the ZIP+4 to every recognized address to ensure delivery
  • DPV – verify that an address is actually deliverable so mail can be sent to that address
  • Geocoding – convert addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), which are used to place locations on a map
  • Deduplication­ – eliminate duplicate copies of data to reduce database storage needs
  • Email verification – verify an email list to remove invalid addresses and reduce bounce rates

Reverse Append

Dramatically improve the value and usefulness of your email or phone number-only records using reverse append.  We can match your email or phone records to our internal consumer database (180 million records) or business file (18 million records) to create a complete record for your use.

Append contact name and mailing address, and select from hundreds of demographic variables. Reverse append is an economical way to maximize the value and responsiveness of your incomplete records, allowing you to effectively communicate with customers and prospects.


Our highly experienced team averages twelve years in the data and analytics industry. We know marketing data—regardless of source or supplier. Our in-depth understanding of the marketplace means that you have a partner who can guide you to the optimal solution for your database marketing needs, minimizing costs and maximizing your data and analytics ROI.