Count and Extract DataMart

On-demand data access is crucial for marketing professionals who are seeking to understand their markets and optimize their campaigns. The Virtual DBS DataMart is a secure, cloud-based platform offering access to both customer and prospect data. Built to be fast and intuitive, it enables you to run counts, create analyses and extract data—maximizing efficiency and minimizing time to execution for every direct marketing program.

The DataMart is the most cost-effective tool available to allow you to take control of your data and maximize your effectiveness in growing your business and your brand.

“Before discovering Virtual DBS, we used to worry that building a platform to integrate, enrich, and update our large and complex marketing databases would take years and cost a fortune.  After selecting Virtual DBS as our primary database marketing partner, we benefit greatly from a world-class solution that was delivered in a fraction of the time and cost that we had expected.”

J.D.Director of Marketing, Visionworks

DataMart Business

DataMart Consumer

Real-Time Data Enrichment Through API

FastMatch instantly matches individual consumer or business records to the Virtual DBS marketing databases—B2B and B2C—to append data elements in an on-demand environment.  Highly effective for call center applications, FastMatch demographically identifies incoming callers, enabling call center agents to optimize each sales opportunity by offering relevant products or services during the call.

Data Processing Tools

Virtual DBS offers the most robust ETL tool on the market today. The platform is a compilation of proven processes, standards, key learnings and best practices from industry veterans in the areas of customer data integration, probabilistic/fuzzy consumer matching, data quality, and others.

The platform provides users with a powerful set of capabilities to build and maintain a dataset that can be leveraged to make quick and informative business decisions.

Pre-built tools for Address Standardization and Correction, Master Customer Key Management, Householding and Consumer Match/Merge make these difficult tasks a breeze.

Campaign Management

Much more than a simple campaign builder, through our partnership with redpoint the VDBS campaign management system, allows you to build step-by-step workflows to communicate across multiple channels including email, direct mail or SMS, emerging social channels or specialized media.  Response data is captured and loaded into the system, providing continuously updated campaign results and allowing for on-the-fly changes to campaigns based on the current response metrics.

Thoughtful features include:

  • Data is presented in the language of the marketer – not the database professional.
  • Careful layering of functionality ensures that complexity is only revealed when necessary.
  • Advanced Digital Asset and Offer Designers allow you to build and re-use a library of content suitable for delivery across a variety of channels.