Digital Marketing Bundle

Increase visibility and reach with a coordinated multi-channel strategy using the Digital Marketing Bundle.

Combining digital display ads with email campaigns and Facebook ads can increase response rates by 30% over campaigns using one channel alone.

Five Steps to Success

First, identify your market footprint and your audience

If you’re not sure about the ideal target market we can help by creating a profile of your current customers using our VPRO technology. We match your customer database against our file of U.S. consumers to determine their demographic and lifestyle characteristics.

Then we identify an audience of lookalike prospects using the same criteria to select. This audience, who closely resembles your customers, will be reached with display ads for 24 days.

During this time we send a three step email campaign, targeted to the same audience and created with our DigDev 360 email platform and our permission based email database.

To follow up, the people who received emails will see your ads in their Facebook feed.

Narrow your search to the most likely prospects and save money. Increase visibility and reach with a coordinated multi-channel strategy managed by Virtual DBS.

The Schedule

Creative—Create your banner ads and email messages.

No graphic designer on staff? No problem.

Our creative team can help you build a compelling digital ad.

That’s it.  We’ll take it from there.